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   Kimberly Johnson. A mother, entrepreneur, businesswoman, and life coach launched Sharing the Wealth (S.T.W.) in 2016 targeting underserved communities in hopes to bridge the wealth gap between classes. 

   S.T.W was created out of pure necessity. Growing up in an impoverished community, Kimberly spent most of her life fighting the disadvantages that are attached to the territory. Famine, homelessness, debt, and so much more. As a single mother of 5, Kimberly was determined to find a solution to provide a better life for herself and for her children. In a gruesome search, she discovered a blueprint that major countries and the world's wealthiest families use to create wealth; 3 C’s Formula. This transformed her life and ultimately led to the launch of S.T.W. 

   Using the 3 C’s formula, (1) CASH + (2) CASH FLOW + (3) CIRCULATION, S.T.W. has enabled hundreds of families to gain passive income for free online. This formula, when used correctly, is designed to create GENERATIONAL WEALTH! 

   The first 2 C’s, cash and cash flow, are fulfilled by using S.T.W.’s Freebies program. However, the last C, circulation, is the most important wealth factor and is now the focus of S.T.W; The Foreign Exchange Market. With over 2700 hours of market analysis and live trading experience, Kimberly has simplified and packaged the process of becoming a successful trader, covering the fundamentals of the market, mastering self, risk management, and more. Using a “hands-on” approach, S.T.W.’s mentees acquire, master, and capitalize various skills to execute trades INDEPENDENTLY and move confidently towards their overall life goals. 

Message From Kimberly Johnson

   I believe in my soul that I have been called to help families elevate their lives. The lack of well-rounded education and resources in underserved communities create copious issues like mental and physical illnesses, violence, poverty, toxic and abusive relationships with family and loved ones, famine, homelessness, and so on. With resources funneling into these communities, I believe that as a collective, we can make a difference!  I understand what its like to bear the burden of a lot of these circumstances, and it breaks my heart to know that I cannot help everyone. But I can start somewhere. I hope that everyone I touch can embody peace, clarity, and confidence. Money isn’t everything but who am I kidding, it absolutely helps! EARNING 6 FIGURES FOR FREE ONLINE AND SHARING WHAT I FOUND WITH OTHERS IS MY PASSION! If you want it, it is here for you to grab, and I will do my very best to meet you exactly where you are. Times may have changed, but my love for creativity and problem-solving hasn't. Being driven by technology, innovation, and automation, I want YOU to benefit from S.T.W., just as I have. Let's connect soon. – Coach K.

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