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STW meeting YOU right where you are to help YOU get right to where YOU want to be!!!

Prices may vary with Buy Now- Pay Later Payment Options 


Lay Away

 S.T.W.’s layaway is an in-house funding program in which you fill out a questionnaire. Your questionnaire answers will determine your eligibility.


A Free-Life specialist will connect with you via email to either enroll you into the program or explain why you have been denied. Click here for questionnaire.


Here’s an example of what a layaway plan would look like.


Say you want to enroll in the upcoming beginner class ($997+upcharge) and have $400 to invest today. You would then split up the remaining balance ($597) into weekly payments or until your order balance is fulfilled.


Let’s say the class is 8 weeks away and your remaining balance is $597. To fulfil the remainder of your balance, you must pay a weekly minimum of $74.63. Terms and conditions apply.

Apply Here
How did you hear about us?
Are you Employeed/ steady income?
How often are you paid?
How Much of a weekly Payment you can comfortably afford to help you reach your goal?
How Much are you able to invest as an initial down payment ?

Thanks for applying!
We’ll get back to you with 48 hours. Check your email for ALL correspondence. ( )

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